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Vehicle Tag Renewal

Gov2Go is a unique new way to take care of all your interactions with government in one convenient place — saving you time, worry and frustration. Like a personal assistant for government, Gov2Go carefully gathers and presents all the information you need to take timely action
Tell us a little about yourself. What county do you live in? What vehicles do you drive? The more Gov2Go knows about you, the more it can do for you!
Based on the details you share, Gov2Go builds a personalized timeline and schedules your government tasks for the year.
1. Download Gov2Go mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
You can also use Gov2Go from your computer at Gov2Go Web
2. Open Gov2Go on your devices and select Create Account.
3. Enter your email and password.
4. Enter your zip code and Gov2Go will set up your account.
1. Click on Settings.
2. Scroll down and click Deactivate Account.
3. Click Continue
4. Your account is now deactivated.
Are you getting a message that the account has been deactivated?
If so, please email our Service Desk for assistance.

Are you getting a message that your password is incorrect, or that your username and password do not match?
Please use the forgot password option to reset your password and then try logging in again. If you still have issues, please email our Service Desk for assistance.

If you receive a message that your phone number or user ID have already been used, please email our Service Desk for assistance.
1. Click on the Profile tab at the bottom.
2. Change the email address that displays under My Information.
3. Once it is correct, click the Update My Info button to save your changes!
1. Click the Profile tab.
2. Click the Change Password link.
3. Enter your current password and your new password.
4. Click the button to Change Password.

If you don’t remember your current password, you can use the Forgot Password button on the login screen to update your password.
1. Click the Menu button in the upper right hand corner.
2. Click Settings.
3. From there, you can change the notification reminders that you receive!
Signing up for a new service is easy!

1.Go to My Services.
2. Find a service you want to add and click the box next to it.
3. Enter the required information.
4. Now you've signed up for a new service!
1. Navigate to the Profile tab.
2. Scroll down to the Vehicle Tag Renewal section.
3. Click on the + icon.
4. Fill out the required information.
No worries, it's easy and simple to remove a service.

1.Go to My Services
2. Find the service you want to remove and uncheck the box next to it
3. Now you have removed the service and will no longer receive notifications
1. Navigate to your Profile and scroll down until you see the Car or Boat you sold.
2. Click that Car or Boat and it will ask if you would like to Delete or Replace the vehicle.
3. Click Replace to change your old vehicle information to the new vehicle information.
4. Your future notifications will be specific to your new vehicle and you won’t get any more about the previous one.
1. Navigate to your Gov2Go Timeline and click on the Event asking for the registration to be completed.
2. Click the button I’ve already done this and the Event will turn green to indicate it’s already completed. This will stop any future notifications based on that vehicle for that date.
Generally these come in around two weeks after payment is completed. If you have waited longer than this, please reach out to our Service Desk
If you want to check your receipt after a payment, you don’t even need to leave the app!

1. Go to Documents.
2. Open Payment Receipts and view all available receipts.
Please reach out to our service desk with your username and email address. We can research the payment for you!
Yes! Gov2Go is compliant with mandated PCI protection so that your information remains just that-yours.
1. Click on the Profile tab.
2. Click the link for Manage Payment Methods.
3. Enter your password.
4. Select and update or delete a payment method!